The Official Website of Ravana Brothers


1.      Contribute to exploration & preservation of Pre Brahmi rock inscriptions in Sri Lanka

2.      Creation and distribution of songs which carry historical messages through video streaming platforms (YouTube Channel)

3.      Sharing rare & important historical messages on our Social Media platforms for history enthusiasts (Facebook Page)

4.      Facilitating history lectures and workshops for selected individuals

5.      Establishment of the library of “Ravana Brothers” as a reference library for History enthusiasts and researchers

6.      Ravana Dehena Musical (watch under Ravana Brothers Songs on our YouTube channel)

7.      Bodhi Pooja Programme – This programme was launched during the time of war to invoke blessings for the Sri Lankan soldiers.

8.      Daha Ata Sanniya – A traditional ceremonial dance organized to invoke blessings for the Sri Lankan soldiers.

9.      Celebrating the World Aboriginal Day with the Ministry of Environment, Ravana Brothers actively contributed to assert that the four tribes of Sri Lanka are the true natives of this land.

10.   Mahasen Dehena Musical (watch under Ravana Brothers Songs)