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Lyric of Havera Kavacha

lyric of havera kavacham

Lyric of Suriyawachchasa

Lyric Translation of “Mahasen Thandavaya”

Divine lord who has illuminated six faces…The Bearer of the Konthayudha by his glowing strong arms. Necklace of precious gems and the shiny golden earrings. We pray to you to descend from heaven, let us welcome him to this altar of flowers, during the most auspicious time, I adore the Lord Katharagama the almighty.

With a steady determination and a wishful heart, I recite holy Yantras, Mantras and Tantras for the name of the One lord who has twelve heroic eyes and who resides on the seat of a Peacock. I bow down my head touching his divine feet.

His eyes shine like precious gems. Even the strength of his heart shows the love to his nation. My lord, your celestial aura is like the golden sun that cuts through the darkness of the night. You are a warrior to destroy the ignorance of lust. You are a Bodhisathva in the times of Buddha the Konagama.

I worship your high knotted hair with aromatic smoke. We know in our hearts that you keep yourself from stopping the wheel of samsara only because of the love you have towards us. For that I bow down to you. Sona The son of Uma, when you release your knotted hair you are the Hero of the battle ground. O holy lord, you are a heroic son of the kingdom of Ruhuna.

Though an unstoppable wave of furious warriors from thousands of worlds come to battle with you, you will turn them in to dust in a split of a second with no effort. That’s how ferocious you can get when it is needed. You are the Mahali Sona. The reincarnation of The Emperor Ravana, you are the father figure of Angam pora. Your omniscience was such that all the three worlds showed immense respect and love to you.
There is a golden line on your forehead to the shape of a rainbow. Your gaze is such that the suffering burns in anyone’s heart will be disappeared just by it. You are the brother of the pious Ganisuru. You are the victorious Mahasen. You are the great yogi who can reach the highest Dhyana called Mooragra.

It is visible, the luster of your eyes, when we admire your divinity through prose and poetry in the pantheon of gods. You are Baranuvan who wield Keteri and Adayati and has twelve divine eyes. God you hold the fame in all three worlds for your divine twelve hands.

There are innumerable beautiful stories about you when you are with your beloved Svarnapaali in the region of sandungama,Yala. Lord of the lords, Indra, please descend to the Blue Peacock vehicle, the Dandumonara. You are the fountain of Arts and the most beloved lover in the world of romance.
You are the divine lotus. You are the victorious lion. The mighty Banyan tree in the forest. Young moon resembles your face. If someone heard, read, saw or even heard from someone else, let what I wrote from my heart may happen, let the blessing that I wished be materialized upon him.

Listen! The auspicious, the glamorous, the sweetest like honey. The qualities of the lord Kadhira emit from his head to feet.. if you chant the glory of such a divinity you will be protected and be blessed in every utterance, in every season, in every moment of this samsara until the end of the existence of your soul.
The victorious Flag of Asura, Bearers of three Sesath, Lavishly decorated palanquins.

There you sit like an emperor among all the other gods and kings. The warrior blood rises with the sound of the Yak Drum when it plays as “Dhegath… Dhegath”

Appeasing deities, Mighty tuskers, hospitable hands welcome, most revered ascetics.
A blessed heart. Destroyer of enemies. Chant and chant once again, you are the leader of this island Sirilanka also once known as Dambadiva. You are the king who treated all with an unbiased heart and the citizens of this isle will adore you forever for that. You are the son of lord Shiva.

You can make a strike from in the sky in a fraction of a second. You are the great one who stopped the ocean by that power of will. Lanka Is the most beautiful land in the whole world and you chose to be born here just to make it even more beautiful. O the son of Shiva, here I pay homage to you.

We are the descendants of your blood line. We address you with all our heart and love just like in the old days. Please receive us in to your arms and quench our thirst and exhaustion. Please come down from the Kailash in the southern Lanka.. just because we must see you at least for once before we leave… dear lord.. Maha Kadira..

In the end of the offering period.. this is the song we The Ravana Brothers offer to our holy mighty king Mahasen! Let there be no errors, let there be no mistakes, may all the negative effects be nullified. We will unite and shall travel the path you took to protect this country and the nation. Let us worship now… the God Mahasen.. lets swear to that god of all might.

Singer- Saman Lenin
Lyric- Dhammika Hettiarachchi
Music- Pabalu Wijegoonawardene
Album- Mahasen Dehena
Translated by Pabalu Wijegoonawardene


Lyric Translation of Song “Aatanata Man Enawo”

listen the city “Aatanata”

Here I am coming.. and I am coming for you

I want to grasp it with my own naked eyes

Here I am coming.. and I am coming for you

Shivering cold night overflowing full moon light

I will pass the city “kusinata”

and coming to you

I am coming to protect

the pride of my Nation

walking over thousands and thousands of miles

fighting through disgraceful invasive encounters

This is the land of my innocent ancestors’

which I am digging and finding the path to the city “Aatanata”

Aatanata!Here I come.. and I am coming for you

Gathering all the emperors and kings of All those cities of

“Nawanawathi”and “Aalakamanda”

Four Divine guardians of Mother Lanka is now signing

the great “Aatanata treaty” to protect Buddhism in this isle

under the moon light

Oh I want to join with them… Oh I want to join with them…

Aatanata! Here I come.. and I am coming for you!


Singer- Nishoka Snadaruwan

Music- Sahan Ranwala

Lyric- Dhammika Hettiarachchi

Album- Mahasen Dehena

Translated by Pabalu Wijegoonawardene


Lyric Translation of “Sakala satha wetha” Buddhist devotional song

(An old incantation that explains how the very first five salutation uttered to praise Gothama The Buddha right after his enlightenment by the Yakkha Sathagira, the Asura King, Four guardian deities, King Sakra and King Brahma)

The incomparable arduous journey of trials and failures to defeat the karmic cycle of life and death must have made even the physical body to sweat in exhaustion … that sweat can’t be anything other than a rain of pearls in this Kalpa… Sun comes in every other dawn to the Bodhi tree to collect those precious pearls. In every full moon night the moon goddess comes to worship the Vajrasanaya at Hirivadunna and seek for those pearls. Knowing that those pearls have disappeared she goes to the Muthiyanganaya. A story tells once Buddha visited Muthiyanganaya after a long journey and perspired out of tiredness where even that sweat became pearls… in that moment.

Still the sound of Hevisi can be heard by the rock at Isinbessagala to honor the first sermon Dhamsak Pevathum Suthra of Buddha. Red carpets are being placed to welcome him at Rajagala also known as the ancient Rajagahanuvara. The land Ritigala the ancient Jethavanaya was bought by Lord Sudhaththa after spreading gold coins to fill that whole land to meet its value. The boat harbor where Buddha set sail to Kelaniya was once named as Gothama Thota where we now call it as Gothatuva after 2600 years.
He is the great one who destroys the bonds of Sansara. He is the one with the greatest compassion and the soul that accomplished many lives of spiritual trials. He is the one who lit the lamp in order to expel the darkness of Sansara. He is the sun in the sky of Lanka and he is a son of this mystical island.
Sall flowers still bloom at Bambaragala where once the Koliya dynasty reigned. Once dried out river Neranjana is again in action. Holy right foot print of Buddha resides at Makkama in Kalpitiya. Ramya, Suramya, Subha castles of Siddhartha were at the Delft island. The winter castle was lately named as Buddha Valauwa. It protects you from cold weather.

We still feel the fragrance of endless compassion in every path you walked in this island. Just by knowing that, we gain the strength and courage to protect the Dhamma, because we see You through that Dhamma.
(Another incantation where Gothama the Buddha was called as “Yakka” in veneration)

Singers- Harshadeva Ariyasinghe and Malinda Wijekoon
Music- Pabalu Wijegoonawardene
Lyric- Dhammika Hettiarachchi
Produced by Sanidu Lakmal on be half of Ravana Brothers
Translated by  Pabalu Wijegoonawardene


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