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Sakala Satha Wetha- Buddhist Devotional Song

(An old incantation that explains how the very first five salutation uttered to praise Gothama The Buddha right after his enlightenment by the Yakkha Sathagira, the Asura King, Four guardian deities, King Sakra and King Brahma)

The incomparable arduous journey of trials and failures to defeat the karmic cycle of life and death must have made even the physical body to sweat in exhaustion … that sweat can’t be anything other than a rain of pearls in this Kalpa… Sun comes in every other dawn to the Bodhi tree to collect those precious pearls. In every full moon night the moon goddess comes to worship the Vajrasanaya at Hirivadunna and seek for those pearls. Knowing that those pearls have disappeared she goes to the Muthiyanganaya. A story tells once Buddha visited Muthiyanganaya after a long journey and perspired out of tiredness where even that sweat became pearls… in that moment.

Still the sound of Hevisi can be heard by the rock at Isinbessagala to honor the first sermon Dhamsak Pevathum Suthra of Buddha. Red carpets are being placed to welcome him at Rajagala also known as the ancient Rajagahanuvara. The land Ritigala the ancient Jethavanaya was bought by Lord Sudhaththa after spreading gold coins to fill that whole land to meet its value. The boat harbor where Buddha set sail to Kelaniya was once named as Gothama Thota where we now call it as Gothatuva after 2600 years.
He is the great one who destroys the bonds of Sansara. He is the one with the greatest compassion and the soul that accomplished many lives of spiritual trials. He is the one who lit the lamp in order to expel the darkness of Sansara. He is the sun in the sky of Lanka and he is a son of this mystical island.
Sall flowers still bloom at Bambaragala where once the Koliya dynasty reigned. Once dried out river Neranjana is again in action. Holy right foot print of Buddha resides at Makkama in Kalpitiya. Ramya, Suramya,Subha castles of Siddhartha were at the Delft island. The winter castle was lately named as Buddha Valauwa. It protects you from cold weather.

We still feel the fragrance of endless compassion in every path you walked in this island. Just by knowing that, we gain the strength and courage to protect the Dhamma, because we see You through that Dhamma.
(Another incantation where Gothama the Buddha was called as “Yakka” in veneration)

Singers- Harshadeva Ariyasinghe and Malinda Wijekoon
Music- Pabalu Wijegoonawardene
Lyric- Dhammika Hettiarachchi
Produced by Ravana Brothers
Translated by Pabalu Wijegoonawardene