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SakWas Geetaya

[The song Sakwas is themed around the parinirvana of Gautama Buddha. When Buddha was extremely ill and getting closer to parinirvana, two most powerful kings of Heladeepa: Sakra and Washa came to take care of Buddha. This song is about their promise to ceasefire the internal war and their request for Buddha to delay his parinirvana. At the end of the request, the two kings perform a ritual with Sirasapadha poems in order to cure Buddha.]

Sakra:  The stream of kindness, king of the heavenly divines; you taught us to rule our kingdoms according to dharma, taught us about karma. Dear Buddha, I expect the protection of your power of kindness. I will protect you and today shall not be the day of your parinirvana (day of death).

Washa: A river of sadness floats everywhere when the most precious gem of Heladeepa has fallen ill. We are the clan of Wasawarthi, who grasped your teachings. The Asuras of Ashapura have arrived. Dear Gautama Buddha, I brought herbs and will take care of you with all my strength. Today shall not be the day of your parinirvana.

Sakra: Gautama Buddha is the power of Sudewa clan and the shinning moon of Sakra’s land. I will take care of you near the Palol tree where Deepankara Buddha attained enlightenment. I will give you my throne (Pandupul Asuna) and treat you with herbs. Though we will not let you attain parinirvana.

Washa: Gautama Buddha, you are the power of Kanasha clan and Sun of the Asura land. I will nurse you near the Dimbul tree where Konagama Buddha attained enlightenment. Bath from Walave River and take care of you with pleasure. Though we won’t let the leader of humans attain parinirvana.

Sakra:  Dear Buddha, your Sakradeva has come to you. I swear not to fight with Hela clans anymore. Though we will not let you leave.

Washa: Wasawarthi from Asura clan has come to you. I promise to end the fights with Deva clan. Dear lord please delay your parinirvana.

Both:  We will protect the Buddha as our lives. Dear lord of the world, please delay your parinirvana.

Sakra: The green paddy fields and the wind that flows through the fields, please bring strength of life to the body of Gautama Buddha.

Washa:  Buddha lies like a lion in a cave where dew cannot disturb him. The strength of Buddha’s body please be awaken.

Both:  We are protecting you as our lives. Dear lord Gautama, please delay your parinirvana.

Today shall not be the day that Buddha attain his parinirvana. May he live a long life and may his dharma be protected with us for five thousand years. With the power of thirty thousand years of this kalpa, all illnesses shall be cured. Hundred thousands of Buddha’s chanting may protect him. All the pain may diminish with the power of Sutra chanting. He may remain with us. Dear lord Buddha; we take all efforts to delay your parinirvana.

The divines of Siwuhela have aligned to protect noble Gautama Buddha. Thus we perform this ritual to eliminate all his illnesses. Lord Gautama’s teachings, dedication to the nation will be remembered. We give our lives for the name of Buddha.

The Siddhartha Gautama was born on a full moon day of Wesak month. Four heavenly kings protect this land where Buddha’s charisma remains. This day Siwuhela tribes have gathered to cure Buddha and save his life as Lanka will not be the same without him.

Buddha is the developer of the Buddhist culture. The intruders from Andra Pradesh were chased away by his power. He protects ten million virtues. May all his illnesses, pain and discomforts be diminished. By the power of Buddha, Mahabiya Devi, Kanha clan, Mahasen, Shamuda Sagara, Brahmadhatta, Shamuda Sakvithi, Suraraja, Indra, Majhima Shiva’s clan, Dhatta and Duhathara, may Buddha be cured. By the commands of Kuweni and her power, may Buddha’s illnesses go away.

By the commands of Deeparaja who rules Alavi, Alakamanda, Jhathabhoomi and Vishala, may Buddha’s illnesses go away. By the strength of pure Sinhala blood, Gautama Buddha shall be cured.