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Sathan Seth bima mage

There is a land where Sinhala people dwelt for million years. It is the peaceful land for all living beings. The most precious land called “Sinhale’’ is my motherland. Everlasting Dharma was discovered in Sinhale, and protecting Buddhism is the sole duty of every Sinhalese. It is a legacy that runs in our blood. We were born to fulfil this duty, thus we never forget it.

All the children of Sinhale must remember that our ancestors gave their lives to protect this land. Buddhist shrines and stupa are the narrators of our legacy. Let’s break the barriers made of myth and get together to protect Sinhale.

Sri Lanka is the homeland of humans. World’s precious pearls are found here, thus the land is called the pearl of Indian Ocean. The lion with sward in our flag represents Gautama Buddha when he defeated the death and rebirth. This is my proud motherland. I swear I will not hesitate to kill any outsider who tries to ruin my motherland. And I will protect the pride of Sinhale.

Singers- Shriya Kariyawasam, Dilum Niranja, Pradeep Sampath
Music- Pasindu Chamara Pahalamedagama
Lyric- Dhammika Hettiarachchi
Album- Mahasen Dehena
Translated by Pavithra Kuruwitaarachchi