New Comers

If you are a Sri Lankan above the age of 19 and below the age of 27, you can attend our next first-year class.

If you are a person who is looking for the truth about the real history of our country without myths, god stories, religious facts, and tradition, you have this opportunity.

Considering several factors, please note that an age limit has been imposed and cannot be changed.

If you aim to popularize this knowledge, blog, channel, or any other similar idea, then this class is unsuitable for you. And there is no opportunity to talk about this history in other places and do other things.

If you want to find what true history is in good faith, we will show you the way.

Currently, fill out this application and be on the waiting list. Eligibility for the next term will be notified if classes are held. There is no point in asking about timing or options. You can find knowledge in many other places.