Adam’s Berg

Adam’s Berg, a hill of considerable size situated at a distance of 6 miles northeast of Kahawatte, in the district of Matura. It is known amongst the Singhalese by the name of Mulgirigal and is mentioned in their history as early as the time of king Saidaitissa. who reigned at Anooraadhapoora from the year 140 to 122 B.C

The hill is about 300 feet in height, and is ascended by a winding flight of stairs, formed of five hundred and forty-five steps of hewn stones. On the summit, which is circular and level, stands a Dagoba, and about halfway below it are two gloomy Wihares excavated out of the rock, close together, and in each of which there is (besides several figures of natural size standing in a row) a colossal image of Budha, in a recumbent posture, forty-five feet in length, and of a proportionable breadth, formed of stone.