Amba Oruwa, Ambagastenna & Fort Hill

Amba Oruwa

In Udapalata, Tumpane, a hamlet of Galdola, on the north of the road from Kandy to Kurunegala.

Population in 1881, 34 (15 males, 19 females); in 1891, 47 (24 males, 23 females). The inhabitants are of the Bajjan Duraya caste.

A rock spillwater across the ela is believed to have been made by a devil.


A hamlet in Medapalata, Udunuwara, inhabited by Moor men (49,935, 62,812).

Ambagastenna or Fort Hill

In Walagedara, Kandupalata, Udunuwara, two miles from Kadugannawa.