A hamlet of Hapuwala wasama in Diyatilaka korale, Upper Hewaheta, about a mile west of Hanguranketa.

Population in 1891, 117 (63 males, 54 females). Extent under cultivation 60 acres.

Elas – Alawala, Assananeeya, and Medaw ela, from Alawala oya; Ambaliyadde kandura; Ambaliyadde ela; Darameya ela.

The Hanguranketa Maha Dewale has two nila pangu, about five acres field. Services commutable for Rs. 30. Tenants: (1) Udawatte Dingiri Naide (part of a panguwa in Udawatta). Service: to pay fourpence a pela and to supply straw and a knife and a cocoanut scraper to the Basnayaka Nilame. (2) Haragama Kiri Ukkuwa. Service: to beat tom-tom for four months in the year.

Families. Egodage, 13,110.

Doraneka Ambalama was erected in the reign of the last king by Ambaliyadde Mudiyanse.