A village in Wagapanaha Pallesiya pattuwa, Matale North, belonging to the Dambulu Vihare.
Tenants – Etabendiwewe, Panikkayalage. Hold 16 acres field (8a. Op. 0L.), 42 ½ acres hen (20a. 3p. 0L.). Services (commutable for Rs. 74.40): to provide two guards (Hewisi) at the vihare for ten days at a time, in turn with two other villages, each of which sends five men for five days, this village taking half the duty; to provide two men (the other two villages providing one man each) to beat tom-tom before the Nayaka Unnanse when he goes in procession to Kandy or to any other place not more distant than Kandy, remaining in attendance on the Nayaka Unnanse, and accompanying him on his return; at the new year and at the old year to appear before the priest officiating at the Deuraja Vihare with four pingo loads of baskets of vegetables, one pumpkin, and forty betel leaves.