Andungama Palkumbura

A village of Medasiya pattuwa, Harispattu, in Niyangoda wasama.

Population in 1881, 186 (100 males, 86 females); in 1891, 173 (102 males, 71 females).

Fields registered in 1878, 15 ½ acres paddy. Commuted la. 0p. 8L. (Paid Rs. 13); redeemed 6a. 1p. 9L; total 7a. 2p. 7L.

Koralege Punchirala vs. Ratnayakage Korala (Jud. Com. Court, 20th September, 1827):-

(1784 A.D.). A Talpot written on Wednesday, the tenth of the increasing moon in the constellation Mula in the month Poson, in the year Saka 1706 – I, Palkumbure Kiribatkumbure Naide Appu, of Andungama, in Medasiya pattuwa in Harispattu, and my wife, having run into debt and being reduced to want and distress, we have transferred in paraweni to Gatapola Kuda Arachchila, these fields which form a panguwa: Deldeniya of two pelas, Pallebittera of one pela, Kandayayehena of two pelas, Dideniyahena of one pela, Aramba of fifteen lahas, Dideniyawatta of three lahas, and the garden of eight lahas lying next the field Pallebitterapela, and have received from him one hundred and fifty ridis, thirty two amunu of paddy, one piece of tadappu cloth, one piece of coast cloth, and one gun worth thirty ridis. Witnesses who know that this Talpot was granted, we having received the above sums of money, are Madu denege Gammahe, Agalawatte Kapurala, Badde Vidane, Hingulwela Rala, Hendeniyage Ukku Naide, Kalu Naide, Batubeddege Dingirala, the two persons of the family of Ratnayakage Pembaruange Vedarala and Dimbulkumbura Kurukudaya. If any person, either a descendant of mine or a stranger, shall dispute this in word or deed, such person shall incur evil, and we have thrice declared that Gatapola Arachchila and his descendants shall be in no danger, though they swear on the five ordeals as to their rights to this.


Wirasinge Ran Naide vs. Ratnayaka Mudiyanselage. One of the defendant’s family borrowed money from the plaintiff to pay off an older debt due to Brachmanage Appuhami Kapurala, 59,567, 72,489.