Rajagala -01

teraha ca Bata ca lene idasala guse”


This is a pre-Brahmi cave inscription from in . This cave named Cave belongs to Thero and Lord Namaliya.

Nandika's name appears in many instances. Other members of Nadika's family are also revealed elsewhere. Whether this is the same Nandika or several people should be investigated very carefully. In other inscriptions found related to Nadika, it is said that he was a layman.

The same thing can be said about Namaliya. There are many inscriptions of all over Sri . It is said that he was a lay person in those cases as well, so it should be carefully studied along with the other chronicles.

Several Indrasala Caves can be found in Sri Lanka, they are located in Rajagala, Bambaragala, Galgamuwa etc. The most famous Indrasala cave is located in Bambaragala in .