The story of the super-mysterious “Kabara” oil, which is highly poisonous

When we say “kabara oil”, we think of killing water monitors and getting its oil. But the production of water monitors oil can be considered as an extremely mysterious act in the history of Sri Lanka.
This is rarely produced by Kattadias. It is almost impossible to think that there is a good result. However, when wondering why this highly toxic oil is important, it can be assumed that it was used in the production of chemical weapons in the past.

There are eyewitness reports from the “Suddos” that this “kabarathel” was produced until the end of the Senkadagala Kingdom.

First a fowl is offered to the demons. Secondly, a well-poisoned cobra, a poisonous Russell’s Viper, and a poisonous Sri Lankan krait are captured alive. Then 4 types of extremely toxic chemicals like arsenic, cyanide are mixed to a container. Then a bonfire is made and three well-grown water monitors are tied with their faces towards the bonfire. Then a human skull is taken, turned upside down, hung over the pyre, and the aforementioned poisonous mixture is added to it.

When the fire is well lit, strike the back of the water monitors, pushing them into the fire in front of them. Unable to turn or move away, water monitors begin to blow toxic foam from their mouths as they burn from the flames. After adding that foam to the scalp mixture, the finished liquid is called water monitors oil aka kabarathel. This is a highly toxic concentration and is believed to have been used for chemical weapons in the past.