Uwa, a considerable province in the interior lying to the eastward of Kandy, and separated from the Saffragam Korle by the river called Goorakondera oya. It includes an area of 4114 square miles, and the population in 1831 was 22420, It is divided into two parts, namely, the Lower and Upper Uwa ; which are again subdivided into many korales or pattoos.

The natural features of this province are varied and magnificent. Some parts are covered with vast forests, and others open to the view a fine flat country, as far as the eye can trace without any jungle; while in others, hills and mountains bulge in irregular figures all over the same. There are some plains in which 5000 men could be manoeuvered. It possesses a very salubrious climate, not inimical to European constitutions; and the soil is so well calculated for agriculture, that grain is raised with very little difficulty, and it produces the best description of coffee in the Island.

Potatoes have been lately Introduced from Bengal, and they are cultivated in considerable quantities: already they form some portion of the diet of the inhabitants, and the bazars at Colombo and Kandy are well supplied from hence with that article. It has a large breed of cattle which are scarcely excelled by any in the interior, in either quality or description; but Knox says, that if they “be carried to any other parts in the Island they will commonly die, and ” the reason whereof no man can tell”.