A hamlet of Napotawela Wasama, on the minor road to Liyanwela, in Pallegampaha, Maturata, Upper Hewaheta.

Population in 1881, 109 (57 males, 52 females); in 1891, 98 (43 males, 55 females). They are Vellalas. A small dewale.

Forty acres under paddy.

Families – Iluktenne vs. Konage, Talpot 1655 Saka (1733 A.D.). 975, D. C. N. E.; Konage vs. Mohandiramge, 91, D. C. N. E. Four Mudiyanse families: Gampahage, Iluktennege, Konege, Medage.

(1733 A.D.) In the year of Saka 1655, on Wednesday, the thirteenth of the decrease of the moon in the month Wak, I, Ambagaspitiye Mudiyanse, of Maturata, in Hewaheta, have granted unto my son Punchi Appu the field Iluktenna, & c. Witnesses who know the same are Pallewela Appu, Lokurallage Appu, Pussalamankade Appu. Butawatte Appu, Konageralage Appu. Should any of my relations or others dispute this grant they shall suffer by the oaths, but Punchi Appu shall not suffer were he to swear on the seven ordeals. Those who assist this grant will obtain heavenly bliss. (975, D. C. N. E.)