Census of 1891

In the census of 1891, there were approximately 526 people per square mile in the Western Province of Sri Lanka and 228 in the Southern Province.

It was 206 in Central Province and 135 in Province.

The number of residents per square mile in North-West Province is 106. 95 in the northern province.

The lowest situations are shown in , North Central and Eastern Provinces. This is a perfect example of how the great kingdoms of Sri Lanka have been vandalized, evacuated and gone wild after the Sinhalese massacres of who came continuously since 1505.

In , and Polonnaruwa, which all three divisions together known as , only 19 people lived in a square mile.

It is 36 and 51 per square mile respectively in East and Uva, two divisions that were affected by the Uva massacre.

Not only during the Anuradhapura era, but also during the Polonnaru era, there was a saying that a rooster that climbed to the roof of Anuradhapura would come down from Polonnaru.

According to another old poem found in Vitti Book, 12410 houses were built on Crescent Street in Anuradhapura. This country is suffering tremendously from the continuous and later the created later by the same invaders.