Memorable lesson to Makudamkotte

King V, who lived in Gampola as his capital during the period 1372-1408, did not show much heroism. At this time, , who was occupying , took advantage of this and started attacking the villages in the south from the north. Asking for taxes, they raided the villages and started hacking and killing the innocent villagers who did not pay taxes.

Abandoning the kingdom, Bhuvanekaba fled to . The residents of Gampola protested with shock that there was no use for the king who abandoned them.

Alakeswara of Kotte hanged the Tamils when they came to collect the tax. Frenzied by this, as in the past, the Tamils went to India and asked for combat aid and personnel. They asked for a large number of people to attack Gampola and Kotte at once. A large army of Tamils came from India.

A group of people from the north attacked and occupied .

The group that came by ship landed at Panadure and occupied Dematagoda and Gorakane.

The common Sinhalese people united and showed their bravery and killed all the invaders who were staying in Matale.

Alakeswara went to Dematagoda and Gorakana and not only defeated the Tamils but also crushed all the ships they came with.

managed to limit Kanakasuriya to a small part of Sinhapura in . Forgetting the bravery of Sinhalese again between 1412-1467, a cinnamon ship sent from was looted by Weeraman in , India. A Sinhalese army from Ceylon went directly to their streets where they live and taught a memorable lesson and also brought taxes from to Ceylon for another year.